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Static Guard Aerosol Fabric Spray (5.5 oz.)
Brand: Static Guard
Static Guard Aerosol Fabric Spray (5.5 oz.)

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$ 6.09
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  • Instantly eliminates static cling.

Instantly eliminates static cling: specially formulated for use while-you- wear. Safe for all color-fast fabrics, evens silk. Prevents static build- up. Stop flyaway hair, spray on brush: spray on brush before styling. It's gentle and residue free. Remove pet hair and lint: spray on clothing, drapes and upholstery. Wait one minute and brush or vacuum. Eliminate static around the house: spray on carpets, upholstery and drapes. Protect computers and electronics: spray on carpets near electronic equipment.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size:
Servings Per Container:
Calories from Fat:
Saturated Fat: 0%
Total Fat: 0%
Cholesterol: 0%
Sodium: 0%
Carbohydrates: 0%
Fiber: 0%
Sugar: 0%
Protein: 0%
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